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287 people ALREADY have my number in their address
book – and since I started texting them, they’ve made
£550 a month on average, completely tax-free

Now it’s YOUR turn to see how much you could make

Best of all, you don’t need ANY previous experience, hard
work or special equipment aside from a bog-standard mobile phone.

Just add me to your contacts today – and you
could be collecting your first tax-free payout
by the end of the week

Dear Reader,

It’ll take five minutes to add my number to your contacts…

And then, the next text message you receive could set you on your way to an extra £550 a month.

Seriously – that’s all it takes.

And once you’ve taken five minutes to follow the simple instruction I’ll send you, you can just sit back and wait for your tax-free cash.

Often, you’ll be claiming profits of up to £62, £12 or even £125 on the very same day. Other times, they might be spaced a few days apart…

But one thing’s certain: once you get on board with this, you could be adding an extra £550 a month on average to your bank account.

  • You might be on the bus. It’s the last place you’d ever expect to earn a few quid – but when your phone beeps, you’ve just set yourself up for an effortless £12.
  • Or you might be in a coffee shop. You’re just grabbing your morning eye-opener, and not even thinking about money – but then your phone goes off, and you’re on your way to a simple £62. And all of a sudden, the weekend doesn’t seem so far away.
  • Or perhaps it’s Friday night, you’re in the pub, and your phone beeps. Is that your mate texting you to see where you are? Nope, it’s me. I’ve just shown you exactly how to make the easiest £125 of your life. And now, the first round’s on you.

Look, I want to make it clear that I’m not going to be bombarding you here. I might text you twice a week. Sometimes, it might be as little as once a fortnight…

But when I do text you, the messages you’ll receive could earn you £62, £12 or even £125 a time…

…for an average, tax-free monthly profit of £550…

And the next step is up to you. Maybe you’d prefer to save it away for a rainy day – or the next time your washing machine decides to destroy itself…

Maybe you’d feel more comfortable putting it a savings account, helping build a more comfortable future for you or your kids…

Or heck, maybe you want to blow it all on balloon animals. It’s none of my business.

What is my business is making you richer – week in, week out – using nothing but your mobile phone…

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Why your humble mobile could start making you £550 a month on average…

When you get your first text message from me…

You’ll be well on your way to an average monthly profit of £550.

Maybe I’ll send you an instruction that’ll make you £62. Maybe it’ll be one that’s worth £12. Or perhaps you’ll even get a £125 payout.

Whichever it is, you’re about to join 287 people who’ve already proven that this works – pocketing an average profit of £550 a month for the past three and a half years.

Whether it’s a quick £62 profit…

An easy £12…

Or even a tax-free £125 – just by taking ten minutes to follow one simple instruction, they’ve grabbed these payouts.

All told, in three and a half years, I’ve managed to make them £23,100 richer.

Sure, that’s not millions. They’re not going to be retiring on that kind of money…

But it does mean they never have to choose between dessert or another bottle of wine when they’re in a restaurant….

It does mean that they never feel a twinge of guilt when they go to the cash machine for the second time in a night…

And it does mean they never flinch when it’s time to get their round in at the pub.

Here’s what one bloke, Paul, had to say about the extra money I’ve been making for him:

“Your record to date has been second to none and although I started out with a small bank for the testing purpose, I will now increase this… Certainly one of the best strike rates that I have seen. Keep up the good work.”

- Paul

And then there’s Ray, who said:

“I have really enjoyed the service so far, i have been happily surprised by the profits i have made. Over the past month the service has provided me with several winners. unlike most services that promise the earth this one really delivers.”

- Ray

Today, I want to deliver for you… and the very next text I send you could set you on your way to a £550 monthly profit.

And seriously – all you need is a mobile phone…

Can you open a regular text message? Then you’ve already got everything you need to start collecting around £550 on average

Make no mistake: a lot of thought and effort goes into the texts I’m going to send you…

But you won’t have to think about any of that.

In fact, you won’t have to do any hard work at all to collect your extra cash.

You won’t have to do any research, call anybody up, or spend hours slumped in front of your computer screen…

You won’t have to crunch any numbers…

You won’t have to calculate anything

All you have to do is wait for my text messages, and follow the simple instruction in each one. (Which, by the way, will be more or less the same each time.)

Then, all you need to do is follow it by popping onto a simple website (which I’ll show you exactly how to find and use), punch in a few key numbers from the text message, and wait for £62, £12 or even £125 to be paid into your account.

You won’t have to deal with any of the “back-end”. Just leave that to me and relax.

But before you grab the cash, you’re wondering how exactly this works…

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This simple strategy beats ANY trade or investment – and to claim £62, £12 or even £125 a time, simply add me to your contacts…

There’s no big secret. No flashy formulas. No pie-in-the-sky schemes…

Quite simply, I’m going to make you an extra £550 a month on average from sports betting

And the texts I’ll be sending you will each contain simple, profitable betting instructions.

Sceptical? I understand.

After all, if you stagger into it without a plan, and fall for the traps the bookmakers set for you, you’ll probably lose money betting.

For example – have you ever put money on one of those big, tempting bets you see in the bookie’s window?

I hope not… because if you have, you’ve almost certainly lost your cash.

And that’s exactly what the bookies were counting on.

The “obvious” and “unmissable” offers look obvious and unmissable for a reason…

Because bookies make their money from uninformed amateurs.

I know that sounds a bit harsh. That’s because it’s the truth.

  • But if you actually think carefully about your bets…
  • If you avoid greed, emotion and gimmicks
  • And if you have a rigorous, statistical, scientific approach

Then it really is possible to make £550 a month from sports betting.

Of course, if you refuse to even consider that there’s good, consistent money to be made – then I’m afraid you’re going to miss out on this…

But if you’re rational enough to know that some people really do apply a safe, considered logical approach to make a consistent income from sports betting…

Then my service is THE best one you’re going to find.


Well, I could talk about how I’ve been doing this for over three years now. You see, few others have been going that long because they cannot sustain a long-term, consistent profit. I can – I’ve made a steady profit ALL the way through those three and a half years – and that’s because I usually stay away from the big football teams, the horse racing favourites, the F1 drivers everybody’s heard of…

In fact, you’ll often be betting on teams and athletes you’ve never even heard of. From time to time, it may even be on a sport you’ve never heard of.

But that’s OK. Fact is, these little-known events generally fly under the bookies’ radar. They’re not expecting people to bet on them – which is good news for us, because it means they get sloppy when they’re setting the prices.

That’s not to say we’re going to be going after “mispriced” longshots and big bets. That would be hopelessly naive…

Of course, neither will I just be picking the narrowest odds and throwing them at you.

Most of the time, we’ll be going after smaller, more sensible bets with genuine profit potential.

It’s perfect for me – I’m a stats fiend. I love crunching the numbers and doing the hard work the bookies would rather avoid.

And speaking of hard work, I could talk about how all of the tough stuff is taken care of on my end. You’ll never have to “study form”, calculate anything or even watch a single game, race or match if it doesn’t interest you.

Let me make this perfectly clear: You do not need to know a single thing about sports betting to profit from the selections I’ll be sending you.

For all it matters, you could hate sports. But so long as you love the idea of picking up a bit of extra cash each month just by checking your text messages.

Look – I understand if you’re sceptical about this. Ken felt the same:

“Initially I was very sceptical about your bets and system… What a mistake! I now look forward to your tips and have no hesitation in recommending you to others. You are the best ive come across in 3 years of looking.”

- Ken

Ken was willing to give this a shot – and it obviously turned out great for him.

In fact, let’s take a look at the cold, hard numbers:

Here’s the PROOF: this has made £23,100 in just three and a half years – and with every text I send, it takes about five minutes to put into action…

This has made a steady profit for each of the last three and a half years…

No matter what your level.

If you were betting to £100 stakes, you would be up £23,100 so far…

Even if you halved that to £50 stakes, you’d still be in profit, to the tune of £11,550

And if you’d have used £200 stakes over the past three and a half years, you’d be sitting on a £46,200 profit right now.

Like I said – this isn’t retirement money. Going after long-shots and big bets isn’t my style. Frankly, it’s just as naive as going after those big bookie’s-window bets…

But the fact is, no matter what staking level, this is pure profit pouring in the wallets and purses of 287 people – money they didn’t have before, that’s now theirs to spend on anything they like.

It’s like I said: when you get on board with this service, you won’t be bugged or bombarded. Your phone won’t be constantly flashing…

And it goes without saying that I’ll never share or sell your details with anybody.

Fact is, I’m scrupulously careful about the selections I make…

And as you can see above, no matter what your staking level, my texts WILL turn you a tax-free profit.

Of course, not all of my texts make money…

That’s an unavoidable part of betting. And if you get on board with this, that’s something you’ll have to accept..

But I reckon you’re smart enough to know that already.

And here’s what really matters:

This has made a consistent profit for over three and a half years.

And you’ll collect those extra cash payouts without any kind of hard work, fuss or trouble beyond a quick look at your mobile phone.

So if that sounds good – then you really need to get on board today.

Just take a minute to add my number to your contacts, and the next text you receive could make you £62, £12 or even £125.

But hey, I don’t expect you to take my word for that.

To prove how well this works, you’re going to be able to test my advice for 60 days.

Profit from my texts for two whole months – and if you’re not making money just delete my number and walk away, no questions asked

There’s no way I’d expect you to try this out without seeing real, concrete proof.

I mean, I know this works. And the 287 people who receive these texts know this works.

But all you’ve seen is some numbers…

And getting on board without seeing REAL proof could be as dangerous as going for one of those big honey-trap bets in the bookie’s window.

So here’s what we’re going to do.

Get in touch today through the reservation form at the end of this letter, and I’ll send you my details right away.

I’ll add your number to my contact list…

And very soon – probably within the next week – I’ll send you a text message that could make you £62, £12 or even £125…

Then another. And another…

In fact, I’ll send you texts for the next 60 days, so you can enjoy those profits for yourself.

You’re not tying yourself down to anything. You’re not committing anything…

All you’re doing is making sure my messages do what I say.

Look, if you’re happy to give this a try – then I’m happy to put my money where my mouth is and let you try it out risk-free.

You could choose to start profiting straight away…

Or if you’re a bit more cautious, you could choose to “paper trade” my first few selections. It’s up to you…

Point is, you’ll be able to see this working with your own eyes for two entire months before you commit to it.

Remember: you don’t need to know a thing about sports betting to profit from this...

And if you do choose to start putting these instructions into action straight away, then I fully expect you to pick up a tax-free profit of more than £200 over the next 60 days.

Like I said, you won’t be retiring, moving to Miami, or picking out your first Ferrari in two months’ time…

But based on the results, I fully expect you to pocket an extra bit of tax-free spending money – and all within your risk-free trial period.

But if you don’t make at least that much…

Or if you’re unhappy for any other reason…

Just let me know. I’ll delete your number, you delete mine, and then you just walk away.

Essentially, you can’t lose by trying this out.

Either my selections come good – in which case, you can continue to profit for months to come…

Or they don’t – in which case you won’t owe me a single penny.

Or heck, you could just profit from my instructions for 60 days then walk away anyway. There’s nothing I can do to stop you…

But here’s the thing:

I trust that when you get on board with this, when the next text you receive earns you £62, £12 or even £125 - you’re going to want to stick with me.

That’s why I’m so confident in making this guarantee…

Because I’m a statistics man. I trade in probabilities. And when you see that money landing in your account, week after week…

It’s damn near certain you’re going to want it to keep coming.

So I really do urge you to try this out now, entirely risk-free…

You’ve got NOTHING to lose.

There’s NOTHING to lose by trying this out TODAY, entirely risk-free – and you could have a back pocket full of extra cash in the next

60 days

So, I hope I’ve made my case here.

I’ve shown you proof – the numbers that prove how 287 people have made a consistent profit from this over three and a half years…

You’ve heard from them yourself – like Paul, who said:

Your record to date has been second to none… I like the quick SMS and clear instructions… Certainly one of the best strike rates that I have seen.”

- Paul

Or Ray, who said:

“I have been happily surprised by the profits i have made. Over the past month the service has provided me with several winners. unlike most services that promise the earth this one really delivers.

- Ray

And you’ve seen why you don’t have to risk a single penny to try this out – with a full 60 days to see the results for yourself.

So by now, you’re ready to put me to the test.

And here’s how it’s going to happen.

At the end of this letter, there’s a link to a reservation form. Click it, enter your details, and send them to me.

Within a matter of minutes, I’ll fire you an email to confirm things and get you set up…

And I’ll also be sending you a brief, informative handbook via email.

Don’t worry – it’s not a huge block of boring text…

This is just a few brief pages explaining the process behind my bets, a glossary of useful terms, and – crucially – precise, fool-proof instructions for actually creating a bookie account and placing the bets yourself.

Maybe you’ve already got an account, and know how to do it all. That’s great – and you’ll be able to profit from my text messages even sooner

But like I said, you don’t need any experience to profit from this

So if you’ve never placed a bet before, or if you just need a refresher - this’ll get you up to speed in a matter of minutes.

Just take half an hour (probably less) to scan through the handbook, and you’ll be ready for action when my first message lands on your phone.

But just in case you ever get stuck…

Then you’ll be able to email me at any time for a personal response.

I’ve poured all my effort into making this as simple, fast and easy to understand as possible.

And I just want you to know: when you get on board with this, you won’t be on your own.

I’ll be right there alongside you, and always ready to help you with any problems you might have.

That’s exactly the service to those already receiving my advice…

And it’s the least I can do for you.

Frankly, I think that’s an unbeatable offer

You get my simple, cash-generating text messages – yours to try RISK FREE for the next 60 days…

You get a straightforward, easy-to-follow manual that explains EVERYTHING you need to know to start profiting…

And you get my prompt, helpful support by email whenever you need it.

Those three things, taken together, should make you an extra few hundred pounds.

That might be enough to take your partner out for a three-course meal in the fanciest restaurant in town, with a bottle of the most expensive Bordeaux on the list to wash it down…

You might prefer to put it towards a city break with your mates, with your spouse, or even by yourself – to escape the grind for a few days and grab some much-needed breathing space…

Or you could even stick it all in a savings account, locked away safely and growing it week by week with each new payout – a little “insurance” against anything life can throw at you.

And if you don’t make enough to afford any of those things within 60 days – or whatever else you want to spend it on…

Let me know, and I’ll refund every single penny of my fee immediately – no questions asked.

Which brings me to an important point:

Because you’re probably wondering how much this service costs.

Well, I’m not a charity. I’m offering this service because I want to make a nice little side-income from it – without having to worry about the bookmakers shutting my betting accounts down all the time.

So to make it worthwhile – I figure an annual fee of £197 is about right.

To put that in perspective, that works out to about 54p a day. Good luck even finding a coffee for that price.

And remember – the people who receive my texts pocket an average of £550 a month…

So frankly, I fully expect you to recover that yearly subscription fee within your 60 day trial period.

And if you haven’t…

I’ll send every penny of it back to you.

I don’t think I can make it any fairer than that.

So right now, there’s not much more to say.

You’ve got nothing to lose by trying this out – and a full 60 risk-free days to earn £62, £12 or even £125 from every single text message I send you.

All that remains is you to get your name down, send me your number and let me send you mine.

Just add it to your contacts - and the next text message you receive could earn you £62, £12 or even £125…

A short time later, you’ll feel the difference in your wallet…

And if not, you get a full and complete refund IMMEDIATELY.

So I urge you – click through to the reservation form and just try this out.

You really do have NOTHING to lose.

Best wishes,

Harrison Moran

Creator, Mobile Sports Profit Accelerator

P.S. One more thing – if you choose to reserve your 60 day trial on the next page using Direct Debit, I will actually organise it so that you don’t have to pay to reserve your place today.

Seriously. I’ll actually delay the payment so that you don’t have to spend a single penny to try this out for the next 30 days right now.

In fact, if you’re not happy with the service I’m providing, or if you decide this isn’t for you for any other reason – you’ll be able to cancel your risk-free trial without a single penny EVER having left your account for this service.

But as I say, I can only do this for you if you secure your risk-free trial with Direct Debit.

Of course, if you do use credit card, though you’ll need to secure your trial today, you STILL get 60 days to test out my advice and if you have a problem at ANY point during that time, you can cancel your trial and get a full and complete refund.

So, to get started on your risk-free trial, get your details down on the next page…

P.P.S. And before I forget – you’ll also receive a weekly newsletter, in which I talk in detail about our general sports betting outlook, as well as go over every bet we’ve placed.

Don’t worry, this won’t cost you another penny – it’s a COMPLETELY FREE addition that I’m including because I want to make that you DON’T just receive straightforward selections…

But that you also get a balanced, well-rounded sports betting experience, with which you can learn far more than if you were just receiving bog-standard selections.

That’s what I want to do – both pocket you tax-free cash, AND improve your overall sports betting knowledge.

Because I want to work towards the aim of you feeling confident enough to wade into the sports betting markets on your own, so you can pocket your OWN profits on top of the ones I’ll make you.

So, don’t settle for less…

Get your details down on the next page to get started with your risk-free trial now.

Don’t miss out – make sure you order now!

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