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In a recent issue of the Harvard Business Review this mysterious trading approach was finally given attention outside of academic channels

The Law of the Market

  • A University of Michigan Business School study proved that this ‘natural law’ could be used to determine ORDER in the financial markets – you could use it to predict the behaviour and direction of the FTSE-100 or any other market BEFORE it happens.
  • On the 13th October a CXO Advisory Group study by ex-IBM management tested this over an 11 year period, providing further evidence that this could predict underlying trends in the markets – you could use this to project consistent profits for the next 11 years.
  • And, on the 7th July, the Royal Bank of Scotland published a conclusive report agreeing that you could use this natural law to increase your profits as much as 23.5 times over – if they knew better they’d see that was an underestimate.

The most shocking thing is that I already knew about this…

And today, I’d like to show you how to use this ‘natural law’ completely risk free to predict and profit from the financial markets.

Dear Reader,

They’re all coming out of the woodwork now…

You’ve got Ilia D. Dichev and Troy D. Janes, Assistant Professors at the Michigan Business School, saying it has a “strong” effect on your stock returns…

You’ve got ex-IBM manager and Editor of CXO Advisory Group, Steve LeCompte, arguing that your stocks would perform “better than average” when using this approach…

And, you’ve even got the Head of Technical Strategy at the Royal Bank of Scotland having a go… he reckons this could increase your profits as much as 23.5 times over – and he’s not far wrong…

Today I’m going to show you how, completely risk-free, you could use the very same ‘natural law’ all these institutions are salivating over to predict order in the financial markets and consistently profit time and time again.

You see, I already knew about this…

I’ve been using the same technique for years and here are just a few of the things it has ALREADY enabled me to do…

  • I used this to predict that gold would move up from its 2002 low of $278 over the following 8 years to hit $1,000 by 2008, then go on to hit $2,000 by 2011. Gold followed these predictions, hitting $1,003 in 2008 and then to $1,900 in 2011, only slightly shy of the predicted $2,000 – you could have got in on the profitable side of the gold trend and sold your $278 investment for nearly $2,000…
  • I used this to predict that silver would skyrocket from its $4 2001 low to around $50 by 2013. In 2011 Silver hit that target at $49.44 in April – you could have cashed in on a commodity no one else thought had any gusto and made over 12 times your money…
  • And, I used this to predict a number of other financial markets. As you’ll see later in this letter, you can use this on ANY market you choose…

The fact that the big institutions are just getting on board with this now is laughable to be honest.

But, that’s the nature of these institutions – they’re adverse to change and thinking outside the box.

They’re paid to stick to the plan and that’s exactly what they do.

So, it’s a bit of a miracle that they’ve finally pulled their heads out of the sand and are acknowledging this approach.

And, as I say, they’re doing it in droves…

You’ve got Dow Jones Inc., Barron’s and the Market Technicians Association giving their Charles H. Dow Award to Technical Market Analyst Christopher Carolan for his essay on this very approach…

He showed how the big stock market crashes in the U.S. in 1929 and 1987, and more recently the 1997 crash in Hong Kong, were affected by this natural law.

Professor of Finance at the London School of Economics, Kathy Yuan, Professor of Finance at The Paul Merage School of Business, Lu Zheng, and lecturer of College of Business and Economics at Australia National University, Qiaoqiao Zhu, released an in depth paper on this approach…

They demonstrated that this effect is completely independent of other ‘anomalies’ and can increase your profits by 5.4%.

And, then there’s Merryn Somerset Webb, Editor in Chief of bestselling UK personal finance magazine MoneyWeek, backing these studies in an article in the Financial Times…

Being a well-respected figure in the financial industry writing for the UK’s biggest financial newspaper, she offered even more conclusive evidence.

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But, they forgot the most important thing of all

There’s something ALL of these big name studies are missing…

Maybe it’s because their research is back tested, while my experience with this approach is FIRST HAND – making profitable, consistent trades with this in real time

Maybe it’s because I’ve been perfecting and profiting from this approach for the last 16 years, while these mainstream institutions are only just starting to discuss it now…

And, maybe it’s because these ‘academics’ haven’t put anywhere near the amount of work into studying and developing this approach as I have – as you’ll see, they use a very ineffective method.

Either way, the potential profits these studies suggest are severely UNDERESTIMATED in comparison to the true returns this could bring you…

They’ve yet to develop an approach that can truly capitalise on the FULL potential of this approach…

So today, I’m going to show you how…

  • You could use it to predict and profit around three times a month on each market you choose to trade – potentially banking you a very healthy extra income…
  • You could use it to predict the next big market crash before it happens and PROFIT from it while other investors (including the big banks and institutions) lose out…
  • And, I’m going to show you how you could profit from the underlying order in ANY market thanks to the cyclic nature of their movements that this specific approach capitalises on…

As I say, I’ve been using this approach to make a very healthy living for the past 20 years – and between me and you, I’ve been a bit obsessive about it.

But, it’s definitely paid off…

It’s got me out of £400,000 of debt, afforded me a rather large house in Hertfordshire and put my kids through private school.

In fact, the most important thing for you to understand right now is that even though these big institutions have finally cottoned on, they’re still years behind…

Their returns are minimal in comparison to the kinds of profits I’m going to show you how you could pocket using this approach today – and remember, you don’t have to risk a penny while you try this.

But, first, before I reveal the law itself, I want to show you exactly HOW this works, so you can see for yourself how easy it is to predict order in the markets and potentially profit from this knowledge…

If you can count to ten there is NO WAY you’ll be able to deny this truth

I won’t insult your intelligence…

I know you can count to ten and I know you can see lines moving in one direction or another on a chart.

And, seeing as you can do both of these things, when you see the chart I’m going to show you in just a moment, I’m confident you’ll see just how accurately this approach can predict the movement of a market’s price.

Look, I know I’ve been banging on about the academic studies backing this approach, and my own experience using it, but really at the end of the day ALL that matters is what you think.

That’s why I’m going to show you an example, so you can see how this works for yourself and see exactly how you could make a profit using this.

The following chart shows how you could have used this approach to predict (and profit from) the movement of the FTSE 100 earlier last year.

This chart takes you from around the 24th of December through to the 29th March.

For the moment I’ve taken away the price movement. Instead, what you see are the 10 target points that this approach has generated.

Take a look…

Basically, these target points are where you expect turns in the market to come – and, more importantly, they are the points at which you’d have been looking to buy or sell.

I’ll tell you now, you do need some trading experience to put this into action – preferably with Elliot wave and Fibonacci, as we use these techniques to enhance the strategy and increase the accuracy of our targets.

If you don’t know what they are its probably best to come back to this when you’ve got some more experience under your belt.

But, once you’ve used this approach to establish the targets for a given market, that’s it – you never have to do it again. The targets will simply repeat over and over again.

With this in mind, I’ll put the price action of the FTSE 100 back in, so you can see how accurate the targets were…

As you can see the price movement hit the targets as expected, almost mirroring the exact path you set out for it.

Yes, Target 3 came a little early and Target 9 a little late, but by and large we were dead on – and the truth is you don’t need to be exact to be able to buy at one point and sell at the next for a profit.

I don’t need to tell you that there were countless trades you could have taken advantage of throughout this period – you can see for yourself how you could have bought at Target 3 or sold at Target 6.

For example, I bought on the 25th February when I predicted the price had bottomed at Target 7 and was then headed up to Target 8.

I held onto this trade as it steadily rose and then when Target 8 confirmed itself, and the price started to move downwards again towards Target 9 I sold for a very healthy profit of 253 pips.

I won’t tell you how much I trade with nowadays, but at smaller £10 stakes that’s an extra £2,530 over the 18 or so days I was in the trade for.

Or, if you wanted to play it really conservative with just £1 stakes you could have picked up £253.

The point is, there’s nothing stopping you doing exactly the same.

And, this is just ONE example trade I made – needless to say there were many, many more.

For example, buying at Target 1 and selling just after price turned at Target 2 would have netted you around 108 pips over the course of around 13 days, which at minimal £1 stakes obviously works out as £108.

Buying at Target 3 and selling just after price turned at Target 4 would have banked you 228 pips over the course of around 10 days.

Again, with serious stakes of £10 that’s £2,280, or at comfortable £2 stakes you would have put an extra £456 in your account.

And, shorting Target 8 and closing the trade after the turn in price at Target 9 would have put you up a further 137 pips over 11 days – at £5 stakes that’s £685.

With just three trades at minimal £1 stakes that’s £473 in 34 days.

Of course, you could buy and sell at EVERY target, but I’m not going to walk you through all of them here – I’m sure you already get the idea.

Once you’ve used this approach to layout your targets, you can just pick and choose which of the trades you want to get in on (every one of them if you like).

And, remember, this is just one market, on one time frame.

Let me show you another chart where we use this same approach on a monthly time frame…

This is the FTSE 100 again, this time from the end of May 2012 through to February 2013.

(You’ll notice that you can use this approach over varying time frames. You don’t need to trade on a daily basis with it if that doesn’t suit you, which makes it extremely flexible – I’ll explain more about this in a minute.)

This time around the approach has generated nine targets – the number of targets depends on a couple of factors, which I’ll get into shortly.

For now, take a look at the chart…

Again, we’re expecting the price of the FTSE 100 to hit each of our targets in turn, so we can buy and sell as the price predictably moves between them.

Incidentally, using this approach over a larger time frame like this one gives us a wider window for our targets to come in.

This means they don’t need to come in on any exact day for us to profit from them and gives us a little bit of extra elbow room to get our trades in.

Now take a look at the same chart with the FTSE 100’s price line added…

It should come as no surprise to you that this approach has once again predicted the price’s movement so accurately.

All nine of our targets have been hit in turn.

Yes, Target 1 and Target 2 took their time, as well as Target 9, but they all fell well within our predicted target ranges, which is all we need them to do to turn a profit.

As I say, these trades are longer-term trades you can hold for months at a time, which means you could invest a little more and pick up some serious money.

For example, my favourite trade that I made throughout this period was buying at Target 6 and selling at Target 9 for 778 pips.

As you can see I held on to this trade through Target 7 and Target 8 – you can stay in trades over the course of multiple targets once you’ve got a little bit of experience under your belt. I’ll show you how.

At £10 stakes that’s £7,780 over the course of about 90 days.

£7,780 on just ONE trade.

But, I’m likely trading with a bigger pot than you’ll be starting out with and I would advise you to begin small until you get a feel for this.

In fact, even if you’d just traded with £1 stakes, that trade would have banked you £778, which is still an amazingly good return on your investment.

And, remember, that’s just one trade from the many you could have profited from…

You could have gone short at Target 3, closing the trade at Target 4 for a quick 138 pips, which, at minimal £1 stakes, is an extra £138 over the course of about 17 days.

You could have bought at Target 4, selling at Target 5 and pocketed a decent 282 pips – at £2 stakes that’s £564 over the course of about 43 days.

Or, if you missed out getting in on Target 6 like I did, you could have got in a bit later at Target 8, only to watch your investment skyrocket to the sum of 494 pips.

With £1 stakes that’s a £494 profit, at £5 stakes you’re looking at £2,470 and at serious £10 stakes that’s £4,940 – all in the space of 58 days.

And remember, I’m so confident this will work for you, I’m giving you a full 30 days to try it out for yourself without risking a penny of your money.

All you have to do is buy at one target and sell at another…

Forget the academic studies for a moment, forget the Royal Bank of Scotland and forget the Harvard Business Review – hell forget me - ALL the proof you need is right there in front of you in these charts.

These are trades that you could have known about months in advance.

All you have to do is wait until price predictably moves to your target and turns the other way – then you just pull the trigger for a profit.

Here’s one more example…

This is actually from the S&P 500, over an even longer time scale, just to show you how flexible this approach can be.

As you’ll see, this chart goes from part way into 2009 to the beginning of 2014 – we’re in real long-term investment territory (but, remember, this can be used on a daily basis as well).

I’m sure you know the drill by now…

This time around we’ve generated eight targets we’re expecting the price to hit.

Take a quick look at the chart and then I’ll add the price action and show you what we both already know…

We’ve roughly got two targets every year here, which means if you want to invest for long periods rather than day trade, this is a perfect way to use the approach for you.

You can just set up a trade at any of the targets and forget about it until it hits the next target months down the line, then sell for a substantial profit.

(This works particularly well for indices like the S&P 500 and the FTSE 100 and for commodities like gold and silver.)

That said, once you’ve got the hang of things, there’s no reason why you can’t close a trade BEFORE your next target if you’re in profit – of course, doing this you may miss out on more pips, but it’s entirely up to you.

Here’s the same chart, with the S&P 500’s price added in…

Now, if you’d have bought into the S&P 500 at Target 1 (back in early 2009) you could have held onto this position (making sure to maintain an aggressive stop loss) right up until Target 8 – and be well into a very healthy profit.

You’d have picked up 810 pips doing that – at a £10 a pip investment that’s £8,810, which isn’t at all bad for one trade, especially one that you can essentially just set and forget about.

But, if you’d have traded at every one of the eight targets, buying at the lows and going short at the highs (this is still only about two trades a year!), you could have turned that £10 a pip investment into £21,580 (2,158 pips).

And, that’s a conservative number – playing it right on the tip of each target would have brought you even more.

Of course, you could have played a few of the trades individually, as you saw fit.

For example, you could have bought at Target 3 and sold at Target 4 for 338 pips – at £5 stakes that’s £1,690 dropping into your bank account.

You could have gone short at Target 4 and sold at Target 5 for 287 pips – at £2 stakes that’s an extra £574 to either reinvest or spend on whatever you like.

And, if you’d have bought at Target 4 and sold at Target 5 you would have picked up a whopping 419 pips – at £10 stakes that’s £4,190, which is an incredible amount for one trade.

Remember, you can get started setting yourself up for these kind of profits during your 30 day risk-free trial.

So, there you have it – three concrete examples of how you could have used this approach to make serious profits over three different time frames.

You’ve seen how the FTSE 100 daily price movement follows the predicted target paths this approach generates…

You’ve seen how the FTSE 100 monthly price movement does exactly the same and the trades you could have made to profit from this…

And, you’ve seen how you can trade a COMPLETELY different market – the S&P 500 – on a long-term, yearly basis for some seriously large returns…

In fact, that’s a VERY important point – this approach works, not just over different time frames, but also on every kind of market…

The FTSE 100, The Dow, Tesco, Sainsbury, Sony, Apple, GBP/USD, USD/JPY – use this approach to profit from ANY stock, currency pair or index

Look, I know you must be excited about this already…

You’ve seen the academic proof with your own eyes, you’ve seen the charts and you’ve seen the profits you could have already made – you’re most likely starting to think about how you could do this yourself.

But, I also know that when I show you exactly WHY this works, you’re still going to be a little bit sceptical.

That’s even with ALL of the evidence I’ve shown you…

I mean, you remember that in-depth study I told you about earlier…

Written in part by Kathy Yuan, Professor of Finance at the London School of Economics, it showed that the natural law this approach is based on is completely independent of ‘other anomalies’.

Well, other ‘anomalies’ simply means other financial or external factors.

So, it DOESN’T matter what the news says – if a BBC business correspondent is panicking because the NASDAQ dipped slightly yesterday and he thinks it’s going to continue on down, don’t worry

It DOESN’T matter what companies themselves tout – if the CEO of Netflix is banging on about how everyone should STOP buying their stock and increasing the price, don’t worry…

And, it certainly DOESN’T matter if you don’t know squat about any other ‘fundamentals’ – if you’re not up-to-date on foreign trade, the political situation, industrial statistics, don’t worry…

Thanks to this natural law, the markets will STILL hit our targets.

And, when I say markets, I mean this will work with ANY freely traded market.

As you’ve already seen, this works wonders on the FTSE 100 and the S&P 500.

But, it doesn’t stop there…

You can use this to draw up targets and predict the price of the Dow Jones, or the German DAX, or the NASDAQ 100…

You can use this to predict the price of currencies, like the USD/JPY, the GBP/USD, or the AUD/USD…

Hell, if you want to trade the blue chips, you can use this to predict the price of Tesco, Apple, or Sony…

As I say, you can use this approach with ANY freely traded market.

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It’s all thanks to the cycles going on around you every single day…

Every day you wake up around the same time and you go about your day in roughly the same way…

You have breakfast before lunch, lunch before dinner and, if you work, you go to work almost every day – again, at around the same time…

Then in the evening, when the day is over, you head to bed when the sun goes down and sleep for roughly the same amount of time you did the night before.

Then the next day it all starts over again.

Routine, habit, life – call it whatever you want. The point is, everybody lives their lives like this…

Every year your friends celebrate their birthdays on exactly the same dates…

Every year your family gets the stockings out and eats a massive roast on the 25th of December for Christmas…

And, every four years here in Britain there’s an election and we vote in another privately educated politician who doesn’t know a thing about how real people live.

It isn’t a coincidence that we do so many things over and over again – because the exact same thing happens in nature as well.

Underlying order, movements, trends, cycles – whatever you want to call it….

Science proved a long time ago that there are cycles in nature – even the Egyptians saw time as a series of recurring patterns.

I mean, you know that plants continually take in sunlight, carbon dioxide and water through photosynthesis and their roots to produce oxygen.

You know that the water in the sea evaporates into water vapour, forming clouds, before travelling inland and raining down on us.

And, you know that the moon revolves around the Earth, the Earth revolves around the Sun and the Sun revolves around the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy.

It’s this cyclical nature of things that lies at the heart of this approach.

Indeed, as I’ve already explained, a hell of a lot of professional traders and investors are ALREADY using approaches based on nature’s cycles to their advantage and have been for decades…

For example, there’s Thomas DeMark, founder and CEO of DeMark Analytics and consultant to hedge fund titan Steven Cohen, founder of SAC Capital Advisors LP, who manages 14 billion dollars…

He uses the power of cycles to predict price – and he has only had one down year since 1993.

There’s David Goel, managing partner at hedge fund Matrix Capital Management Co. in Waltham, Massachusetts, which manages 2 billion dollars…

He uses cycles to predict price and says it makes him feel like he’s “wielding Thor’s hammer”.

And, then there’s German businessman Oswald Grübel, former chief executive of both Credit Suisse Group AG and UBS – Switzerland’s two largest banks…

He also uses cycles to predict price, saying, “It tells you when everyone else has sold and you should be buying.”

Personally I believe that the implications of this are MUCH bigger than just the financial markets.

I actually believe everything, including trading behaviour, is influenced specifically by lunar cycles, just like the tides are.

But, that’s just a personal belief; it really doesn’t matter if you agree…

It doesn’t stop this approach from working, as you’ve already seen in the charts.

Saying that though, there is a lot of support for this way of thinking…

You remember I told you about the August 7th University of Michigan Business School study by Assistant Professors of Accounting Ilia D. Dichev and Troy D. Janes that was covered in the Harvard Business Review…

Their conclusion after vigorous study was that there are “strong lunar cycle effects in stock returns” and that this is “for all major U.S. stock indexes over the last 100 years and for nearly all major stock indexes of 24 other countries over the last 30 years.”

You remember Technical Market Analyst, author and publisher, Christopher Carolan, receiving the 1998 Charles H. Dow Award from Dow Jones Inc., Barron’s and the Market Technicians Assoc. for his article on this…

He wrote that the Hong Kong stock market crash in October 1997 and the two crashes in the U.S. in 1929 and 1987 coincided with lunar cycles, “…outlining the correlation between the lunar calendar and the stock market panics…”

And, I’m sure you remember Professor of Finance at the London School of Economics, Kathy Yuan, Professor of Finance at The Paul Merage School of Business, Lu Zheng, and lecturer at the College of Business and Economics at Australia National University, Qiaoqiao Zhu’s in depth paper on this…

They found “…strong global evidence that stock returns are lower on days around a full moon than on days around a new moon” and that “the magnitude of the return difference is 5.4 percent.”

As I say though, the reason you choose to believe this works doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that you’ve seen the proof, you’ve seen the charts and how this works over different time frames and you’ve even seen how hedge fund managers trading with billions of pounds are using this…

Fact is, this works.

And, by now, you’re likely thinking about how you can use this approach to generate specific targets that will predict price for your own trading.

So, I’m going to show you exactly how to do that completely risk-free for 30 days…

Secure your copy of this trading strategy now and you could be placing your own targets this time next week

I’ve put together a limited addition guide to show you exactly how to use this approach to plot your own targets.

Before you tell me where to send it, let me just walk you through what you’ll need to do when you receive it.

And, let me just be clear one more time – its best you already have some trading experience before approaching this.

This is a complete strategy, but you’ll need to have a firm grasp on the basics first.

That said, as soon as you receive your guide in the post, the first thing you’ll want to do is have a quick flick through and get a feel for the basic structure of the strategy.

After that, the next step is to choose a market…

Once you’ve picked one you like the look of, or you already have experience with, you pick the time frame you want to work in (daily, monthly yearly – it’s up to you)…

Then you simply follow the instructions I’ll lay out for you in detail to work out where the targets fall for that combination of market and time frame.

That’s it.

Once you’ve established where the targets will fall, you never have to do it again for that market and time frame because those target points will repeat almost like clockwork.

So, if you want to trade the NASDAQ 100 on a daily time frame, you follow the step-by-step instructions to work out where the targets fall and then that’s it – you have that powerful information to use over and over again.

If you want to trade forex, say GBP/USD, you do exactly the same – pick a time frame, follow the instructions to work out where the targets will fall and that’s it, they’ll keep repeating as the market progresses.

And, if you want to trade Apple, it’s exactly the same again – decide on a time frame you like, follow the instructions and watch as the price hits each one of your targets in turn, again and again, cycle after cycle.

All that’s left for you to do is trade these target points, buying at low target points and selling at high ones, and shorting at high target points and closing at low ones.

In fact, I’m going to show you exactly how and where to enter and exit the trades (as well as some other techniques you can use to double-check your trading positions).

After all, this is a complete trading methodology – this guide details EXACTLY how I make a living trading and I’ve not left anything out.

This is not a couple of patterns to copy and paste onto a chart. It’s not some secret candlestick you’re missing out on. And, it’s not a bloody magic indicator that will supposedly do everything for you.

This is a complete trading strategy that you can use to consistently predict – and, of course, potentially /profit from – turns in ANY market’s price movement.

But there is one question I haven’t addressed up until now…

Why am I letting you in on this?

I mean, I read trading forums and I know most people question why a successful investor like me would need to share their methods if they were making so much money.

Well, very honestly, I do so because it stops my own personal trading profits from being taxed. As you may know, the majority of the tax you pay is on your primary income, which for me is now my coaching business.

(As well as writing about the markets like this, I also coach a number of private traders.)

On top of that, letting you in on this, in no way affects my profits. There are many markets and enough liquidity in those markets for you to start profiting without it being at my expense.

In fact, the £247 this will cost you is actually very little to me – and it should seem very little to you when you consider that I showed you earlier how in just three trades at minimal £1 stakes you could have put £473 in your bank account in the space of 34 days.

That said, I’ve got to be honest, there’s something you need to understand…

This does work – you’ve seen the proof: the academic studies, the charts, the profits you could have made.

I’m giving you ALL the information you need to become a trader.

There is simply no way that this approach will not do what I’ve shown you it does do – I know this for a FACT because I make a living using this it.

But you’re going to need to see this for yourself.

I know this works – because I use it everyday – but I want you to have the piece of mind of trying it out without risking a single penny of your money.

That’s why I’m going to let you try it out for a full 30 days completely risk-free – starting from when you receive your copy through the post.

If you don’t get on with it, just return it to me within 30 days and I’ll give you a full refund.

So, look, as soon as you fill in your details on the next page and I’ve processed your order, I’ll post your copy right away.

After you’ve had a read through, you could be using the exact same trading strategy I use to predict market movements for months and years to come.

You’ve seen how you could be picking up hundreds of pips on a regular basis – profiting on trades like the one I showed you earlier, where you could have bought at Target 8 on the 25th February and sold at Target 9 on the 15th March for a profit of 253 pips.

At £5 stakes you could have picked up £1,265 in 18 days.

You’ve seen the charts and how you can use this across ANY market – remember how Assistant Professors of Accounting, Ilia D. Dichev and Troy D. Janes at the University of Michigan Business School found that this works over “…all major U.S. stock indexes over the last 100 years and for nearly all major stock indexes of 24 other countries over the last 30 years.”

And, you’ve seen how you could profit consistently from this approach over a time frame that is suitable for you…

You can get stuck in on a daily time frame for more regular profits, you can take a step back and make longer term profits trading on a monthly time frame, or you can ‘set and forget’ and turn a small investment into a huge profit using this approach on the yearly time frame.

It’s important that you understand that this is all happening right now.

The studies have already been published and, as you’ve seen, the proof is all there – in fact, I encourage you to go back and have another look over it all.

When you’re satisfied all you need to do is enter your details over on the next page to secure your copy of the guide.

Then, as I say, a week from now you could be plotting your own targets and predicting the movement of a market’s price before it happens.

Don’t let this pass you by.


Best wishes,

Steve Copan
Professional Trader
Creator, Market Matrix


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