Answer this question correctly and you could be in for a HUGE cash payout!

“Do You Have The Skill to Spot Where This Wavy Line Crosses From Negative to Positive?”

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If you only have 30 minutes to spare each evening,this could be PERFECT for you!

Surely this is as close to a totally automatic way of making money as it is possible to get?

Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever wanted to make some serious extra cash (I’m talking about £3,900 a month or even more) then I’ve discovered the most laughably simple way of doing it.

And if you’re interested. I’d like to disclose it to you now, today.

Yes, if you read on, in the next five minutes you’ll know exactly what it is … AND … you’ll know exactly how to get your share of the billions on offer.

Then you can just copy me and make the money for yourself.

There’s no catch. No gimmick.

So if an extra grand a week would come in handy, and you only have 30 minutes to spare each evening, this could be PERFECT for you!

It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about something and I’d like to share this with you and a small ‘Inner Circle’ of other wealth-seekers.

And here’s the good news. To profit from this …

  • You don’t need skill.
  • You don’t need luck.
  • You don’t need experience, education or qualifications.

But here’s what you DO need:

  • A desire to make some serious money (without too much work).
  • A willingness to follow my very simple, step-by-step instructions.
  • A PC with broadband.
  • Half an hour a day (no more – sometimes it’s a lot less).
  • A few minutes of peace and quiet to read what I’m about to disclose. Something which will change your life forever.

Please understand I am not exaggerating the amount of money on offer here. Once you fully master what I can teach you, and discover this amazing money-making method, you’ll not need to take my word for it.

The truth is, I’ve had £1,000+ many a time from this – all for a few minutes ‘work’.

Now, to save you scanning this letter for ‘the secret’, I want to reveal it right here at the start. BUT … I ask you to please, PLEASE suspend any preconceived notions you have about this way of making money. You may THINK you know about this, put I promise you, you don’t (not in the way I can teach you). I’d really hate for you to miss out on this tasty earner just because of a wrong idea you may have.

Do we have a deal?

Great! Okay, so what I (and hundreds of my students do) is trade share price movements in a very unique way. Putting it simply, we place modest ‘bets’ on certain shares when my information tells me they are about to explode (or collapse) in value. If they do explode (or collapse) in value, WE CASH IN BIG TIME.

Sometimes it’s as much as £2,000 in a single day! But more commonly it’s £500, £250, £650 or even ‘just’ £150 a day.

In a moment I’ll be telling you exactly what we do (and what YOU will soon be doing) to make this kind of money.

But first, let me introduce myself. After all, if you’ve never heard of me you could be forgiven for thinking this is just another in an endless series of similar offers. (I hate those shadowy ‘Mr X’ mailings from people too scared to put a real name to a real picture. What have they got to hide?” I always ask.)

So here goes …

I’m Guy Cohen, British creator of the worldwide acclaimed Flag-Trader course and author of three bestselling trading books (check me out on Amazon). My clients have included the biggest stock exchange in the world and the Financial Times.

I’ve traded the markets with phenomenal success. My research tools are among the most sought after in the world-which is why I’ve just celebrated my tenth anniversary providing services to major stock exchanges as my clients.

My passion these days is helping newcomers to make money from trading-and helping part-time traders make more money. I hold many testimonials from my highly satisfied students (I’ll share some of them with you here).

Okay hopefully you can see I ‘walk the talk’ and you’re feeling in safe hands, so let’s get down to it…

I should say straight away that I’m not going to give you a lot of rah-rah in this letter. I hope that’s a relief for you!

I’m going to assume you’re a serious person looking for genuine way of making great money from home.

Maybe you’ve looked at one or two trading courses and maybe even tried your hand? If you’ve read this far it’s a fair bet that you’re interested in this amazing money-earner but have so far not managed to make it work for you.

I’m about to fix that, if you will allow me.

So if you want to make £3,900+ a month trading share price movements from home, using nothing more than a bog-standard PC (laptop, tablet or even smartphone) then here’s how we do it…

“I have to say I’m impressed! Starting with a bank of £1,000 I’ve made 11 trades of which 9 have been profitable, all without sitting in front of a screen all day. I’m already up over 50% in just two weeks, so an additional £1,000 of tax free income every month will make a huge difference to my life right now.” – A Tunnicliffe

We follow the BIG money. Copy their ‘bets’. Do exactly what the big boys are doing.

Why? Because they have access to insider information which you will NEVER see!”

Yes the amazing truth is that trading the world’s stock markets is arguably the simplest way to make steady money from home. IF you learn from an acknowledged expert and IF you don’t have to sell the family silver to get in!

I know I am speaking the truth because I’ve taught thousands of ordinary people to trade profitably from home. I’m talking about people like receptionists, taxi drivers, hair dressers, builders and bus drivers!

So if you’ve ever considered this easy way of making money, but have been put off by high prices or over complication,

I have some very exciting news for you…

You see I’ve developed and honed a method of trading which the newcomer can learn really quickly and get started making money from in next to no time. It is totally unique to me and is based on a startling discovery I made a few years ago.

This method of trading has been so successful that it’s even used by my rivals who secretly licence it from me!

“I made a return of 175% since I started trading and I have to confess, I’m addicted to your indicator which is significantly increasing the odds.” – A Coombs

What I want to tell you up-front is that this is a proven trading strategy, created by an experienced and wealthy trader (that’s me!). The method has been picked up by Wall Street traders who now use it to their advantage (and pay me an eye-watering fee for its use) and yet it is virtually unknown outside of a small group of successful traders. Needless to say they are not keen to blab about it!

Now, by a quirk of fate, I am able to make this exact method available for you to profit from.

With just 10-20 minutes a day and an Internet connection, you could make several thousand a month from your own home, even if you’ve NEVER traded before.

The really good news is: you can do this outside of normal work hours if you want, e.g. evenings and weekends.

If that interests you, all I need to do is convince you that youcan easily copy me. And by the way, what I am not going to do in this letter is to insult your intelligence with promises of millions of pounds by your first weekend!

I’m sure you know what an extra £3k-£4k a month would do for your finances and lifestyle without me trying to convince you!

I also hope it goes without saying that I would not risk my hard-earned reputation by telling you something which was not 100% accurate.

So if you’re ready, finally, to discover a home-based moneymaking idea which really works, let me tell you what this is all about…

What is Trading?

At this point I want to give you a brief overview of what you’ll soon be doing, in case you’re totally new to this. Sorry if you already know this works and can make steady money… bear with me.

I’m going to show you how to make serious money by trading share price movements.

What do I mean by that?

Well, I expect you know a ‘share’ is a small piece of a company such as Apple, British Telecom, Lloyds Bank or any one of a thousand similar businesses.

We don’t actually have to buy or sell these shares, instead we can make a ‘bet’ on which way we think the share price will move.

Share prices go up and down as you know.

What we do is place a modest bet on the direction we think our chosen share will move.

Let’s take shares in Apple Inc. We can bet the price will go UP. If it does go up, we win (so much for every ‘point’ that it moves up). If it goes down, we would lose.

We can also bet it will go DOWN. If it does go down, we win. If it goes up, we’d lose.

Got that? Hardly rocket science is it?

Oh, and I should say please forget any stories you may have heard about losing a ton of money on this kind of thing. We always (but always) take steps to ensure that our losses are very small on any one trade. Typically we set things up so that we can never lose more than (say) £20 on a trade if it goes against us. Meanwhile of course we could make hundreds of pounds on the same trade if it goes our way.

And that’s all a successful part-time home trader does to make £50,000+ tax-free cash each year! (Your profits are tax-free because they are classed as gambling winnings, but I want to be very clear that what we’re doing is NOT pure gambling.)

I’ve made an excellent living from trading like this for many years, and so this is no mere theory. Wouldn’t you like even a small slice of this vast amount of cash available?

The amazing thing about trading is that it’s actually not hard to learn, but the fact is … most people don’t bother to learn it! They just fling their money at the market and lose the lot.

That’s good news for successful traders like me (and you if you join me) because that means there is plenty of money for us to make.

I’d really love to show YOU how to do this so that you could enjoy the total freedom and the fantastic money, just like me.

The important thing to understand though is that this is not ‘luck’ (like in pure gambling). What I have discovered rigs the deck massively in our favour.

So if you’re happy with having an ‘unfair advantage’ like this, then it really is an astonishingly easy way of making money…

You do this from the comfort of your own home, in just 10-30 minutes a day with nothing more than a laptop, tablet or smartphone. You could make several thousands of pounds
each month, with no end in sight.

(This is NOT a ‘one off’ – we could trade for the next twenty years or more like this!)

And we don’t care which way the markets move! Up or down, we can still make money!

Okay I’ve said this is fairly easy to do, and it is… but of course the burning question is: how do we predict WHICH share to bet on (there are thousands) and WHICH way the price is going to move- up or down?

This is where a good trading system comes into play.

At this stage you need to know that most trading systems out there don’t work. The sad truth is that (like most horse tipsters) they are sold by people with only a modicum of knowledge about the subject. They are trying to make their money by selling their systems and they make very little money (if any) actually trading.

In contrast I made my money through real trading over many years. I also advise some of the world’s major players on trading strategies through my bestselling books. They also use my software. I’m not saying this to brag, it’s just vitally important that you learn trading from someone who knows what they’re talking about and has the respect of their industry peers.

Now that you understand the basics of what we traders do to make money, I want to disclose my own successful strategy. If you recall it’s the one I discovered several years ago. It’s the same strategy which major Wall Street traders and my competitors are happy to licence from me and use for their own profit.

For you to understand how this strategy can make big profits for you too, I need to ask you a question:

“If George Soros called you today and told you e was just about to pile into a certain stock BIG-TIME (let’s say tens of millions of dollars) WHAT WOULD YOU DO?”

I trust you don’t need too much time to think about that! I certainly know what I would do. I’d pile into that share as well. I would beg, borrow and sell everything in order to invest as much as possible.

Why would I do that? The answer is that I’d figure George probably knows something I don’t otherwise he wouldn’t be risking tens of millions of this own money.

My point here is a vital one if you’re going to make money from this.

Shares move up and down, yes, but the forces which drive those movements are often hidden from mere mortals such as you and me. Although it irks me, it’s probably true to say that neither of us will ever get to hunt with the big dogs and pee in the tall grass (as the saying goes!). Yes I’m a wealthy man but my money is utterly insignificant compared with the hundreds of billions which slosh around the equity markets.

Often, dark forces are afoot which cause share prices to move for reasons we will never know.

And in case you were under any illusion, there is only one thing which moves a share price up or down. It isn’t ‘sentiment’. It isn’t good or bad news. Those are mere triggers.

Do you know what it is?

The ‘dark force’ is big money. Share prices are moved not by small investors with their £500 here and £2,000 there. That sort of money would not move the shares of Apple one hundredth of a cent!

No, when I say big money I really do mean BIG. Giant pension funds with hundreds of millions at their disposal. Individual wealthy investors who are wagering 10 million here and 10 million there on a particular share. These are the sort of figures which move the big company share prices.

I’m sure you realise why I’m telling you this. The whole purpose of a decent trading system is to get some sort of ‘inside track’ on which way a share price is about to go. After all, if we had no special knowledge, then our bets would be no different from walking into a casino and plonking a pile of chips onto red.

It goes without saying that to make money from trading you need to have “inside information

otherwise you are just gambling.

I’m not talking anything illegal of course (although I think you would be shocked to know how much of that still goes on, largely undetected).

We traders rely on certain signals which tip us off about which a way share is likely to move.

Now here’s a little-known fact… the few trading systems that actually work, do so by analysing price movements (poring over charts) and looking for patterns and signals, then waiting… and waiting… and waiting… until the movement is confirmed and only THEN jumping in to catch the remainder of the ride. Okay, with skill you can make steady money doing this. But there’s another really powerful and very exciting way of cashing-in which doesn’t need all that hard work and application…

Supposing you could get an ‘early warning’ of a possible share price movement, BEFORE the major action took place?

It is just such a ‘secret’ early-warning signal which I discovered several years ago and which I and my students have used very profitably ever since.

The signal is the equivalent of getting A personal phone call from Warren Buffet!

Imagine if Warren, or the director of a huge pension fund gave you a tipoff that they had quietly invested heavily in a certain share but no-one knew about it yet. I think you can see the chances of that share rising are quite high when the news is out. And you would be a wise person to bet on the share rising because they’d already made their move.

That advance notice would effectively give you access to their entire team of analysts, together with all the knowledge and all the rumours and insider information they have concerning that share. That sort of knowledge costs millions of pounds to generate-and you would have access to it free as a result of the tip.

I hope you can see the raw power of getting such a tip from Warren or the pension fund manager.

You’re properly thinking “Okay sure, but the likes of me will never get such a tip!”

Well that’s true. You could wait a long time for such a call on your home phone! But what I discovered one night several years ago is almost equivalent of getting that phone call.

It allowed me to create a little-known indicator which shows you precisely what the big boys are up to.

It has a technical name but here I will call it the Smart Money Indicator (SMI for short).

You see, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that it’s very hard to sneakily buy (say) ten million dollars worth of Apple shares without leaving any trace.

Naturally those with the big bucks try very, very hard to hide what they’re doing. They don’t do this for any criminal reasons. It’s simply that if you wish to accumulate a large position in a share, you don’t want that share price to rise while you’re buying otherwise you’ll end up spending too much accumulating your own position. So they are very sneaky about how they accumulate a big position without causing a spike in the price as everyone piles in (I could write a book about the tricks they get up to!).

However, such sneakiness cannot be totally hidden from everyone …

Like a forensic investigator, if you know what you’re looking for, you can tease out evidence of the ‘crime’.

That is precisely what I uncovered with the Smart Money Indicator.

It’s a special ‘tell-tale’ which shows you when the big boys are actually accumulating a position in a share off the normal radar-or if they’re secretly u unloading shares in a certain company.

Please read that paragraph again. If it doesn’t send a small tingle of excitement down your spine then this probably isn’t for you.

What I’m saying is that I have a proven method of forensically teasing-out when a serious player has bought/sold a large stake in a certain company but has hidden their activity. Knowing this allows you quite simply to copy what has happened but what is not yet generally known about. All you do is jump on board the money train as it’s leaving the station.

In short we Follow The Money.

It’s Really Easy!

It would be impressive if I could say how clever and complicated this is, but the truth is it’s a no-brainer to use it. Please understand one thing: we will never know why the big boys are moving in or out of the share and… we don’t care. What we do know is that if they’re buying something, there’s usually a very good financial reason for it … and we’d be well advised to follow suit.

To be honest, life is just too short for us to gain the necessary expertise to be able to make these decisions for ourselves. These people dedicate their lives and millions of dollars a year to discovering that sort of information. We will never be privy to it. Billions of pounds of their client’s funds are at stake and so are their reputations. They get paid £10 million bonuses to find out this sort of thing.

They spend all day, every day at the ‘coal face’, talking to insiders, lunching with top managers, calling in favours, swapping information, getting the low-down.

Not to mention some of the most powerful computers on earth, programmed by the best brains on the planet, crunching away at their algorithms 24/7.

Compared with that, we don’t have the slightest hope of beating them at this game. But the key point is we don’t have to. All we need to do is follow what they’re doing.

We Follow The Money.

You see, try as they might, they cannot erase all traces of their activities. My ‘secret’ SMI is the equivalent of shining an ultra-violet light on the crime scene.

Their sticky fingerprints then become rather obvious!

Now I hope you didn’t mind my explaining how this works.

You see, I want you to understand exactly how my proven system works before you get involved so that you can make an intelligent decision to get in or not.

So if you’re following the discussion so far (the less intelligent will have given up reading 3 pages ago!) here’s what you need to know to get on board:

The Story so Far

  1. Share prices move up and down.
  2. We aim to make money by betting on these price movements (remember we don’t actually buy or sell the underlying shares).
  3. If our betting is not to be purely random gambling, we need a system which will tip us off about which share(s) to bet on and which way the share price is likely to move. Obviously this can never be 100% accurate; all we do is to aim to be right more often than wrong. In that case we can make great money.
  4. You and I will never really know why a share price moves up or down. The movements are dictated by very big money moving in and out of a particular share.
  5. Highly skilled and very wealthy people devote vast resources to teasing out insider information about which way a share will move. They bet accordingly, with tens or even hundreds of millions of pounds at a time (e.g. pension funds).
  6. If we could get a tip-off about which share they are about to buy or sell, we could hitch a ride on their expertise and make a tidy sum for ourselves. (Remember we can make money betting a share will go up OR betting it will go down).
  7. That’s exactly what I and my students have been doing ever since I discovered a secret indicator (the Smart Money Indicator) which tips me off about where the big boys are moving their money.
  8. Used by serious Wall Street traders and others, this system is now available (only through me) to amateur traders who want to make great from home.

I call it Follow The Money.

As I said earlier, my system is so successful that serious Wall Street traders and my competitors are using it for themselves right now to make money. They pay me very handsomely for their licences, as I invented the system from start to finish.

Now, at last, I have found a way to make it available at an affordable price to the amateur home trader.

I am prepared to release information about the secret Smart Money Indicator to you so that YOU can make serious money for yourself in under 30 minutes a day from home.

If that is of interest to you, let me tell you exactly what you will be doing if you decide to join those making good money from this…

Here’s What You Do

  1. Once a day you will visit a private website (for which I will give you the password).
  2. On that website you will discover a list of shares (20 or so out of the many thousands of possibles) which I have pre-chosen for you. I hope it’s clear to you that only a few shares at any one time are targeted by the big boys. My high-powered algorithms and backroom researchers do all the hard work for you using the SMI to identify shares being targeted by the big money. We go through thousands of shares and only highlight the few of interest.
  3. If the SMI is looking good for a particular share, you visit another website (this would be a spread betting websites such as IG index) and place your bet at so much per point (e.g. you might bet £1 per point that the share will go up. If it goes up 100 points you make £100). Total time elapsed? About ten minutes.
  4. There are no complicated charts to decipher, no tricky trading decisions to make. All the hard work is done for you by my powerful programs.

That’s it. Another hard day’s slog done! You turn off your computer and get on with your real life. Later you may care to check your winnings. Naturally we do not win every time. Any system that promises to do that is flat-out lying. We aim to win way more often than we lose and this is the key to making very steady money.

Here’s the fantastic thing about this…

As an added bonus you do not need much money to get started!

In fact I would rather you started small and built your confidence before placing larger bets. That said, you will need some money for this. £500 or so is enough to get started. If that is too rich for you, I understand, but that does mean that trading is completely out for you at the moment. This is something to come back to when you have saved some money towards your financial freedom.

You can begin small with very modest bets whilst you feel your feet. You can also ‘virtual trade’ without risking a penny, until you gain confidence and prove to yourself that my Follow The Money system really does work.

What I’ve just said is so important. You don’t have to take MY word for it that Follow The Money works. Prove it for yourself without risking a single penny of real trading money!

Please know that I’m providing a serious system for serious people. If you’ve ever fancied having a go at home trading, then I urge you to learn from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Someone with a stunning track record and the testimonials to back it up.

This is not something I have just invented. I discovered the SMI several years ago and I have profited steadily from it ever since. Not just me of course, I’ve shared the principles behind Follow The Money with many people and hold many glowing testimonials about how effective it is. This one is from someone who started with virtually NO money (obviously the more money you invest the more you can make from this.)

“From the 17th November, to the 12th December we had 17 wins from 18 trades – and even the one loser was our fault! In just over 3 months we now have 10 times our starting stake. This profit puts food on the table and fuel in the car. Thank you so much.”

R Taylor

What Does This All Cost?

So if you’re excited about getting into this (and you could start this weekend) you’re probably wondering what it’s going to cost you?

My trading systems typically cost £2,000 – £3,000 a time, and people have been very glad to pay this in better times. That is a very good investment for something which can make you £50,000+ a year, I hope you agree!

But we do not live in such great times right now. I know that many people are struggling to make ends meet. The great thing about trading is that it can offer a really good second income without much work.

So I’ve decided to do something very special. It’s time for me to put something back. Trading has been very good to me over the years and allowed me to live an excellent lifestyle. It’s allowed me to own a two million pound house and buy a fully loaded BMW convertible for cash. I fly first and business class, dine in the finest restaurants and stay in 5* luxury wherever I go.

I would love for you to have this sort of lifestyle too.

Let’s face it an extra £4,000 a month will not make you rich, but it certainly helps! It allows you freedom from worrying about bills, and also enough to live a really decent lifestyle. It’s enough to buy a new car, buy nice clothes, take five-star holidays and even enough eventually to upgrade the house if that’s what you want.

Once you master this, you could also consider giving up your day job. Many of my students have done exactly that and now make a very tidy living just from trading.

To help you achieve this I’ve decided to release Follow The Money for under one tenth of the price of my one-day trading seminar! Those seminar seats have sold out very quickly at £3,000 a time. I want you to have Follow The Money for well under 10% of that price – just £297.

In my sell-out seminars and more expensive trading courses I teach some more advanced techniques which could see you making far more money than we have been discussing here. But I know from talking to hundreds of students that they would rather start with a simple, very easy to follow system and then progress to more advanced trading strategies once they’ve gained confidence and made some money.

It is to meet this demand that I’ve created Follow The Money. It is absolutely ideal for the person who has never traded before.

I will tell you what you get for your money in a moment, but I want you to know why I’m releasing this at not much more than cost price. It’s because I’m hoping that once you get my secret Smart Money Indicator working for you and start making great money from this, then you will come on one of my higher-priced seminars at a later date to learn some even more powerful and advanced strategies.

£4,000 a month is nice, but it is possible to make WAY more than this if you extend your knowledge.

It’s a kind of ‘loss leader’ for me if you like. And it’s a way of getting you into profitable trading for a tiny fraction of the cost of most other trading systems.

Here’s What You Get

I have created Follow The Money for the person who has absolutely no prior experience of trading whatsoever. So if you are completely new to trading, this is ideal for you. It’s also great if you have done some trading as you will be able to get into this more quickly.

Follow The Money is a home study manual with supporting on-line video tutorials which teaches you in easy-to-follow stages exactly how to become a super-profitable trader from home.

I assume absolutely ZERO knowledge about trading. But even if you have experience you’ll never have seen anything so easy and profitable as Follow The Money.

I start from the ground up, and lead you step-by-step through the basics and then bring it all together in the secret Smart Money Indicator… How to Apply it and How to Profit from it.

I will leave absolutely nothing out. I will teach you about the secret SMI indicator and how it works (the same indicator which Wall Street Traders pay me to learn how to use!). But please don’t worry because if you remember I have done all of the work for you by pre-selecting 20 (or so) shares from the thousands of possible, and you simply focus on these shares. All you need do is pick a share that interests you and place a bet according to instructions. The whole thing can be done in under 20 minutes a day and often it takes far less than this.

You will receive…

  • The unique Follow The Money manual containing step-by-step instructions on how to make money from this system-even if you’re a total beginner. The manual assumes no prior knowledge whatsoever.
  • A 12 month subscription to the members-only Follow The Money website and unlimited use of the unique SMI during that period.
  • VIDEO TUTORIALS where I walk you through the whole process. Look over my shoulder as I show you the method AND make profitable trades. Very soon you will be able to copy me and trade for yourself.
  • Access to the website via Smartphone so you can monitor the market on the move.

Amazing FREE Bonuses

If you decide to get Follow The Money making great money for you, I would also like to offer you TWELVE GENUINE bonuses each one of which cost me several thousand pounds to produce!

Why on earth would I do that?

The answer is that I want you to become a proper trader. That way you can make some really serious money. To do that I’ll need to take you by the hand and guide you along the path. Once you realise that £1,000 a week is ‘small beer’ I know you’re going to want to learn more.

So I have created a series of ABSOLUTELY FREE bonuses which I will send you every few days once you have applied for Follow The Money. I have no space to go into these bonuses now but I promise you’ll be blown away by the value you will get.

You’ll also get my private contact details for any questions you may have – that’s how committed I am to your training.

Is There a Guarantee?

Of course! I am a well-known trader who has trained thousands of students. I’m perfectly happy to guarantee all of my products (can the other people selling their ‘systems’ do the same?)

I know what Follow The Money can do for you. I know it has the power to transform your life.

And that’s the point.

I KNOW THAT… but right now, you probably want some reassurance.

I hope I’ve convinced you that you could make an excellent living from this, but I also know you’re probably not 100% certain right now that YOU could do this. That’s why I have no hesitation in offering the following unconditional guarantee so that you can check this out at my risk, not yours.



It’s Decision Time!

I’ve taken a little time in this letter to explain who I am and exactly how you could make money from this simple trading system.

I hope I’ve put your mind at rest that I really do walk the talk and that I and my students are making consistent profits from Follow The Money.

I also hope you’re comfortable with the fact that I have not made any overblown claims. You won’t become a millionaire from this but an extra £4,000 a month (once you’re up to speed of course) really does make a big difference to life-especially when it’s tax-free (which it is)!

A year from now you could still be slogging away in your job (assuming you have one) or you could be living a lifestyle maybe you’ve only dreamed about. Let me assure you it is not a dream-I live this life every day, although I must admit I still sometimes rub my eyes in disbelief! Lots of money – and all the time in the world to enjoy it.

What could be better?

So finally let me ask you…

Are you sick and tired of always having too many bills and never enough money?


Would you like an easier life, maybe after having worked hard for many years?

Maybe it’s time to finally cut yourself a break and try something new. Something which could change forever the way you work and how much money you make. Trading isn’t rocket science. I’m just an ordinary bloke and I’ve taught exactly these techniques to ordinary men and women from all walks of life. How hard can it be? If you can drive a computer and access the internet – then you can do this.

What other plans do you have to get out of the rat-race and into some decent money and leisure time?

You don’t even have to give up work or trade with real money until you prove to yourself that this actually works and could allow you to retire!

I have packaged together everything you need to get started as a profitable Follow The Money trader. I’ve set the price of this course at a ridiculously low level, just to ensure that the cost is not an issue for you. And unlike other offers that you receive through the post, I am not about to insult you with a ‘special discount’ if you reply within 7 days etc. I’m assuming you’re serious about finally making a positive change to your financial situation.

Of course, I fully understand that making easy money by trading share movements isn’t for everyone…that’s fair enough. But if you are even a little bit excited by this I can tell you the profit potential is truly massive! You may also discover that you have a hidden talent for this type of trading. If so, I would love for you to come on one of my advanced training courses at a later date to see if we can get you up to the £100,000+ a year level – but unless you make a start with a simple system such as this, you will never have a chance at that sort of money.

Please remember that although there are dozens of ‘systems’ out there, most are written by broke people trying to make money selling courses!

Many claim to make money from trading, but ask to see their trading statements and you will be met with evasion and excuses. Many claim to have shown others how to trade, but ask to see their testimonials and you will be met with blank silence.

Ask yourself how many of them are wealthy; how many are respected international authors; how many advise stock exchanges? How many have trained thousands of grateful students and have the testimonials to back it up? I can tick all those boxes and I hope that gives you confidence to buy this course.

No-one else is licensed to tell you about my SMI. Hardly anyone knows as much about this subject as I do and has the long experience in explaining this in a simple-to-follow way suitable for the total beginner.

Here’s some great advice: If you want to be successful in anything, find out what other successful people are doing and copy them! Hence the name of this course Follow The Money!

Please fill in the application right now – today, before the moment passes and your hectic life overtakes you.

Do it TODAY – and within a short while you will receive this very special course. There is no reason at all why you shouldn’t start trading this time next week!

I know this works. I see the results every week. Why not join me and the others who are making great money from this?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours most sincerely

Guy Cohen

P.S. I don’t believe things are going to get better in the economy for quite a while. This could be exactly the ‘life boat’ you have been looking for.

P.P.S. Test this at MY risk, not yours. Please see my 100% iron-clad guarantee.


Read This Only if You’re Still Undecided

If I haven’t managed to convince you just how powerful trading is, take a look at what other people have to say after studying with me. These are letters from real people trading real money.

‘Hi – please tell Guy Cohen I love him dearly!!! A sudden jump in RIMM and the whole course is paid for! A unique experience to me – the earth even moved! Best wishes’. – M Barry

I made a return of 175% since I started trading and I have to confess, I’m addicted to your indicator which is significantly increasing the odds’. – A Coombs

‘Guy, you have a great system, your Indicator in particular is genius. Thanks’. – F Burrell

‘Dear Guy, On Friday I made 48% in one day shorting the SPY put. I found your information very powerful’. – D Reardon

Guy, I wanted you to know that I am really impressed with your Indicator. It has been spot on in preparing for this market decline. Having spent over 25 years in the financial markets, I can say your Indicator is some of the best original research I have seen. Great job!’. – T Fortier

‘Dear Guy, Thank you for the trades suggested by your Indicator. I am short AKAM, EZPW, HPQ, ORCL and MCD, and long VZ. I am building nice windfall profits with all of these having banked the first profits in every case. Yours sincerely’. – D Tomsett

‘Hi Guy, My Amazon trade went great. Clear pattern, clear entry and exit plan, and initial profit target. Everything seems to get more clear and easier to understand the more I study and trade. Thanks for this amazing trading plan’. – W Starkey

‘I have to say I’m impressed! Starting with a bank of £1,000 I’ve made 11 trades of which 9 have been profitable, all without sitting in front of a screen all day. I’m already up over 50% in just two weeks, so an additional £1,000 of tax free income every month will make a huge difference to my life right now.’. – A Tunnicliffe

‘Thanks for this Guy. You’ve set me on a track that is grossing me a fortune in gains these last 2 months. GLD is doing very well indeed! You are a genius, the way you plant $eed$s. Best regards.’. – G Beeman

‘Guy, First and foremost, your Indicator has increased my confidence in the markets. It almost feels unfair or like cheating. Needless to say I am very excited about my results so far. When I follow your advice I do really well and the risk is low too. Second, I have learned to take my profits, taking most at 70% and one that was over 550%. Thanks’. – B Linch

‘My profit of £20,743 in 9 weeks certainly proves this method’s merits!’. – G Lawrie

‘In two days I have made more than £600 with RIMM and SINA still going up. With gratitude’. – G Bevila

‘In the first week I’m up over 10%. All the best’. – D Carr

‘In two weeks I’m up 840 banked spread bet points and a further 2,000 points not yet banked! I’ve tried other systems and nothing comes close to the ease and power of this. I also love that it’s low stress, no guesswork, no agonising, just very straightforward. I am very impressed!’. – S Hardy

‘In six weeks I’m up from £1870 to £3,300, that’s over 75% return!’. – A Eader

‘GOOG has given me a profit of £9,734’. – G Forster

‘It pays to be patient with this. I now have 9 out of 10 winning trades. Phenomenal stuff!’. – M Paige

Holy S*7@! Your system was spot on about the volatile markets – I’m very very impressed!!!! Kind regards’. – J Alsop

On Sunday you were noticing your Indicator was pointing down, the market was getting messier and was likely to break down past support … Lo and behold, it happened in just two days! VERY impressive! All the best ‘. – B Sianisi

‘Hi Guy just thought I’d drop you a line to tell you how well your system is working for me. Here are a few of my trades:

AIR sold @ 18.60 still in the trade having taken 50% profits

  • RYL sold @ 26.93 still in trade taken 50% profit
  • CTX coiled spring sold @ 17.46 again still in trade after taking profits
  • NM sold @ 11.15 profits taken still in trade
  • EK sold @ 15.20 still in trade another flag now forming so may enter again
  • RMBS entered on a break below 200 ma hopefully this will move my way
  • AIG sold @ 37.89 still in the trade after profit taking
  • LEH entry @ 34.36 still in trade having taken nice profits around 28
  • ADM entry below 37.86 !!!!!!!
  • KEY Sold @ 18.62 !!!!!!
  • TEN Sold @ 23.65 profits taken still in trade
  • UVV sold @ 49.54. This one may get out but there are even better opportunities at present.

In this period I have had just 2 losing trades. As I am sitting writing this I have identified another 20 plus trades, which look very exciting.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.’ – Richie S (Manchester)

‘Dear Guy,

‘Just thought I write in to let you know how I’m doing with trading your guidance. I’ve taken $20,000 in under six weeks to $38,000 on one account and I’ve taken $6,500 to just over $12,000 on my second account.

I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone learning from the trading guru Guy Cohen.

If anyone is serious about earning a living or wanting to achieve financial independence it’s a MUST for them to take a closer look at what Guy Cohen has to offer. I have tried and worked with so many so called professionals — none of them come close to GUY, he truly is a real expert in his field and a real genius at creating super simple/ super successful trading strategies, which are backed by his ongoing support to help newcomers succeed.

Wishing you and all new traders the very best.’ – Rick Hildon (London)

‘You are making an immense change to my mindset, skills and the way I am trading. Keep up the amazing work’. – Bill D

‘Biggest gain so far today. Up 90% in 2 days! Tempted to let it all run but I’ll take off half (as you taught me) and let the rest run’. – D Sparling

‘Hi Guy, I would just like to pass on my thanks for the system you have created. Recently I have been spending my Sunday evenings and during the past two weeks I have sold short 8 different stocks and made an average return of 18%!! I currently still hold 4 of them and all 4 are going in the right direction again today! Perfect! Many thanks again. Kind regards ‘. – C Howard

‘Yesterday I traded, following my new trading plan. ADM up 67%. RECN up 25%. My deepest thanks to you for your guidance’. – Bill D

‘Firstly, let me say that I am very happy with my investment. In the last couple of months I’m up 25% exploiting and feeling confident that I can do better as time goes by’. – David S

‘Hello Guy, just thought I’d share my outstanding trades with you over the last few days: WLP gain $2,270; CELL gain $360; CWTR gain $110. Kind regards’. – M Robertson

‘Dear Guy, my son and I only started trading in the middle of January. On a recent trade we made a profit of 111% on SIRF and to date, after three weeks we are $751 up. A useful start! Thank you again for your expert tuition’. – K Forward

‘Guy, I made a note of some stocks that I felt had good breakout potential. CTV, CELG and ATVI are just three stocks that I was watching. Well all three broke out. I had to drop you an email to say what you have created here looks like the best software I’ve ever seen for choosing these stocks – this is truly amazing stuff Sir. Guy this really is some very powerful software you have here and I’m very grateful to be a part of this. Keep up the excellent work. All the best’. – J Alliss

‘I can categorically say that I am having some outstanding success. I look at the markets in a completely different way to how most people do and again would like to thank you for sharing this with me’. – Neil Blake

‘I have attended various courses having learnt various ways of trading the markets. Up until now I didn’t realize how successful a particular strategy could be. I have spent thousands of dollars learning when all I ever needed is in the (course). If you are serious about trading I suggest you buy the course, it has certainly changed my life.’ – Melvin Green

‘I would like to thank you for the incredible tools. In the past, I have lost several thousand pounds on large trades that went wrong, so by comparison, investing in (your course) was an easy decision to make, taking into account I am now making a significant number of profitable trades’. – Jan Fletcher

‘This is so simple to grasp and so logical. With the tools available I can afford to be ultra selective with my trades now and it’s working out beautifully! Thank you so much. I can get on with trading now instead of trying to find the Holy Grail!’ – Paula Paine

‘I was about to give up trading altogether as it was all just too hit and miss when this amazing course was recommended to me. It showed me exactly how, when and why stocks move and when and how to get involved. Brilliant!’ – Andrew Benton

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