20K in 20 Hours

Bone-idle entrepreneur reveals a laughingly simple way to make money that no one is telling you about…

“Get up, work for an hour, get paid £350-£750…

…then legally ‘jam the system’ and get paid £350-£750 again and again and again for doing nothing!”

Dear Friend,

Imagine you need a little extra cash…

So you agree to do a day’s work – on a Saturday – for £120.

As it turns out the work only takes you about 2 hours… but you still get paid the £120

Not bad, right?

Now imagine if, for some reason, the payment ‘jammed’. You keep getting paid £120… day after day, week, after week, month after month!

Flash forward to a year later… and you’re still picking up £120 a day for no extra work.

Sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

If you can spare a couple of minutes, I’d like to show I get paid repeatedly for the same work – and how you can do the same.

It’s like jamming a fruit machine so that it pays out again and again.

Even in your first year, your ‘wage’ could work out at £350 per hour! (I’ll explain how in a minute.)

This is perfectly legal. No one’s getting ripped off. This is just one of those weird little quirks of this work (and I use the word very loosely!) that lets you get paid multiple times for ONE initial burst of effort.

How much effort? Well, it all depends how quickly you want to do this, but a rough guide, when you’re up to speed, you could set this up in around 20 hours.

Maybe while you’re taking baby steps it will take you longer… 30 hours or 35 hours.

But that will be ALL the work you do. Once you’ve put that initial time in, that’s it. You just keep hitting the ‘fire’ button on your PC and the money will keep coming in.

The longest I’ve kept the payments rolling in for is FOUR YEARS. A you’ll see later, when I added up all the money from that ONE set up and divided it by the number of hours it took me to set up, I worked out I’d made over £3,000 FOR EACH HOUR I PUT IN!

How’s that for passive income?

I mean, that’s practically comatose income! I’ll say it again… I still collect money, every MONTH, for work I did four years ago.

Can you imagine that? Just think for a moment… Think how much extra cash you’d have sitting in the bank, right now, if every salary, wage and bonus you’d ever earned had been paid to you not once, but again and again and again.

For a lazy chap like me, this is a godsend. Nowadays I get paid about £17,000 a year in repeat fees like this. Seriously, I could stop now… go to sleep for a year… and wake up 12 months from now with at least £10K extra in the bank. Just by letting repeat fees build up in my bank account.

And that’s just from ONE set up.

If you use this secret two or three times a year, EACH set-up could be left to earn you £7K-£15K a year in ‘repeat fees’ while you put your feet up and watch daytime TV, go on holiday, take the kids out… whatever you want to DO.

Take me…

Last week I did NOTHING apart from have a two-hour meeting with a publisher (and that was down the pub!) and write two emails. But I STILL banked over £700.

Not a fortune. I’m not pretending it is. But every single penny of this money has come into my account from set-ups I made well over a year ago. Basically, it means i make mind-boggling sums for every HOUR I put in.

Take a look at this:

The above printout shows me getting paid small little snippets of money over the course of a few weeks.

ALL the hard work had been done by a younger me about 4 years ago. About 17 hours start to finish. And this set-up has already banked around £40,000.

But by hitting repeat, I got paid ANOTHER £3,082 this year – for no extra effort!

That means to date, this ONE set-up has banked around £43,000. I think it took me around 17 hours start to finish to get this done. That’s honestly what I think I spent on this. But let’s say I’m kidding myself and it took DOUBLE that.

34 hours work – for £43,000 collected. That works out at £1,264 an hour. Even the world’s greediest lawyer would blush if he tried to charge that. Yet that’s what I’m achieving… me, an average chap with no degree, no fancy qualifications, and no real career to speak of… all by following ONE straightforward blueprint that I’d like to share with you.

And believe you me, this is just the beginning…

If you make the cut and claim one of these guides,you’ll have the chance to take this adventure as far as you want!

What I’d like to show you in the first instance is a chance to turn 20 hours work into a £20K income that will flow into your coffers over the next 12 months. That’s the aim.

You may earn less than that (I really think £7,000 is the minimum if you follow this blueprint to the letter), and it may take you longer than 20 hours. Maybe it’ll take 30. Maybe 35. (If it takes any longer than 40 you need to get in touch because something’s not right!) But it could earn you more and take less time than 20 hours. It all depends on you, and how everything clicks.

But one thing I want to stress…

What I want to send you today is just an INTRODUCTION to this venture. If you manage to get on board and get one of these blueprints, then you’ll have the opportunity to take this a lot further than £20K per set-up. To give you a taste of where this can lead, I’d like to show you something pretty personal…

This is a copy of one of my bank statements. Do you see all those ‘DOM’ payments coming into my account?

Can you see how varied they are? Some are just for a few pounds, much like last week’s intake… £54, £81, £216, £82…

I don’t need to tell you that soon adds up.

But take a look at the other amounts that have been paid in, and answer me this…

“What’s the most money you’ve ever made in a day?

I’m sorry to ask you such a personal question, but if you’re lucky enough to already be banking £3,000 or £4,000 in a day, then you won’t be excited by this.

But if you’re like I used to be, and are more used to working 5 days a week, 8 or 9 hours a day for a pretty paltry wage, then this could be the most exciting letter you read all year.

Look at my bank statement again, and take a look at some of the figures that are landing there day after day…

£1,023… £3,047… £3,560… £2,634… £837… £2,565…

That’s how much I can bank in ONE DAY.

In short, this secret has turned me into a ‘big-earner’… working hours so lazy that my neighbours think I’m on the dole, all by ‘jamming’ the system and getting paid 10, 20, 30 times over for the same work.

Take a look at my bank statement again and you’ll see what this could mean for you. See that payment going out for £60,000? That’s me paying £60K off my mortgage in one hit!

Now, if you knew me, you’d know how laughable it is that I’m a high earner. I’m not a university boffin. I haven’t got any particular skills. I’m not the sort who works like a dog (well, maybe a lazy dog!)

My casual acquaintances think I’m unemployed or some kind of mature student. I spend all day either down the local cafe (where I get a discount because I’m such a regular), out with the kids, or at home. I rarely start work before noon. If I do it’s just to check my bank account and see how much extra money has landed there overnight.

But just take a look at my statement again…

ALL of the money on this statement has come in from me ‘jamming’ the system and getting repeat payments from work I set up in 2009!

Sure, some days are low.

One day I only ‘made’ £56, and on another I banked a measly £54. And on some days I made nothing at all. But these are all EXTRA payments for work ALREADY done. Each one pushes my ‘wage’ up and up and up.

All thanks one of the most laughably simple ways to make money from home I’ve ever seen…

“Can you get on the Internet for 30 minutes a day?
Do you know how to search on Google?
Then you’re all set to go out and grab this cash…”

I warn you now, you’ll probably have a hard time believing this can make you £15K-£20K over a year, and can KEEP ON pulling in the money for no extra work.

In fact, the only way you’ll understand how this can work is when you set it up and TRY it. That’s why I’d like to shut up, get this blueprint into your hands as quickly as possible, and let you TRY this – with no obligation – for 90 days.

It’s a simple challenge. Put me to the test, and if you haven’t made a penny, then drop me a line, tell me I’m a loser, and I’ll refund you. You can give me any reason you like for wanting a refund. I won’t be offended. The offer is completely unconditional.

This is because the only thing that will convince you is to see the complete start-to-finish blueprint for yourself. At present I’m only offering this for a limited time.

So grab a copy now.

Yes, please give me instant access to your blueprint for a 90-days trial with a full money-back protection CLICK HERE

But if you need a little more information, read on….

Okay, so what exactly do you have to do to get this money?

Like I said, the only way to explain this PROPERLY is to get you onboard and show you how this works step by step. Because everything else is going to seem a little crazy.

‘£15K-£20K a year from THIS?’

That’s what you’ll probably think if I try and explain this here in this letter. That’s why I want you to TRY this PROPERLY!

But here’s an idea of what’s involved…

First off, this is not about trading or betting or any other kind of speculative deal. This is all about harnessing the most closely-guarded secret in the publishing business, and using it to set up a ‘repeat fee’ income of £15K-£20K a year. That’s for ONE set-up.

Do this twice, and you stand to make 2 x £15K-£20K a year, and so on. And get this…

This proven system doesn’t involve you risking a penny.

I’ll say that again…

This blueprint doesn’t require you to ‘put money down’ or risk a single penny.

All you’re risking is your time.

Once you have the blueprint in front of you and you’re sitting at your desk with your PC switched on, I’ll ask you to do three things…

“Could you do this?”

First, I’ll ask you to use Google to search for some specific sites. I’ll tell you EXACTLY what the search words are in your guide.

Second, I’ll ask you to copy and paste snippets from those sites into a blank word document. (At this stage you’ll be two thirds of the way to making £20K+ a year… seriously…)

Third, I’ll show you how to turn those snippets into a £20K+ yearly income – just for doing this ONCE! If you do this twice, you could make 2 x £20K a year. Three times, 3 x £20K a year…

It’s really up to you how often you use this. But even using this just ONCE gives you the potential to pull in £15K-£20K a year, on repeat, so that this money keeps coming in for no extra work.

But there’s one thing that’s unavoidable if you want to make this work. I don’t care HOW you do this, but if you can’t manage it, stop reading now…

“Can you spare 15-20 hours over the next year to set this up?”

I thought I’d hit you between the eyes with that bit of news…

You need to put in 15-20 hours of work to get this set up and make the money.

Not the usual 20 minutes, or 5 seconds, or whatever else some people say works for them.

If you sign up for this, I’m going to make you tick a box that says you’re happy to do this, because I want you to understand this is vital to the whole project.

Of course, if you decide you can’t spare 15-20 hours of your life to make £20K+ in your first year, and the same again the next year for no extra work… then you can still bail out. I’ll still honour your 90-day guarantee.

But the bottom line is you MUST put in this time otherwise you won’t make the money.

So – to be clear – you’ll have to put in 30 minutes a day for a month to finish the blueprint (which I’ve called £20K in 20 hours).

Alternatively, you could do a hour every other day… put in 4 hours over the weekend…. or spread the 15-20 hours over the whole of your trial period. That would mean committing to about 90 mins every weekend.

You could even spread that time out over a whole year, and do 20 minutes a week. It’s up to you.

The bottom line is: to make this work, you NEED to invest some time. A half-hearted thirty minutes in one evening, then giving up, won’t get results. If you’re looking for something that makes you money instantly, buy a lottery ticket.

I’m afraid this is a REAL system that needs a REAL amount of time spent on it.

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But the good news is… time is the only thing you’ll be risking here.

There are NO overheads involved. There’s NO cost. There’s no specialist skill or experience needed.

As long as you can spare the time I can show you everything you need to pull anything up to £20,000 for your 15-20 hours work. That works out at £1,000-£1,333 an hour! And that’s just in your first year. Like I said that’s what we’re aiming for with this. You might only make £7,000 in your first year, or £5,000 or £11,000. There really is no way of telling until you do this. The figures I’m quoting are based on my own experiences. But even at £7,000, that still works out at £350 an hour for 20 hours work.

And if you ‘hit repeat’, you could get ANOTHER £7,000, £9,000, £15,000 the next year – without any more work!

And remember, I’d like you to try this without obligation for 90 days to test it out and see if it suits you.

In all the years I’ve been avidly looking at biz opps, this is by far the best way to make money without risking cash on the markets or having to learn a new and complex skill. In short, it’s perfect for the busy person who has other commitments in life and wants to do something at times that suits THEM.

This doesn’t depend on going online at a certain time… it doesn’t require you to do something specific in the mornings, or to stare at a computer to follow a trade…

You do this when YOU want. That’s what makes it great for the busy person who wants to fit something in around a busy life!

But if you don’t act sharpish and download 20K in 20 hours today, then you might miss out forever. Because what I want to show you is something I’ve never seen offered before. (I have seen something similar twice, but both versions were a lot more complicated than this).

This is a fresh and (I believe) exciting way to spend a little time at your PC that actually leads to big paydays rather than big headaches.

Yes, you need to go online and use the Internet. Yes, it will take an hour or two a week to get this set up. Yes, there is a little work involved…

But for people that genuinely want a second income (and potentially a BETTER income than the day job!) without retraining in a new skill, you’ll never find an easier way to make serious money. And remember, this is money that you can KEEP receiving week after week, year after year – from the same set up!

To give you an idea…

“After the initial set up work, you do nothing…

but the money keeps coming in!”

Over the past four years, I’ve used the ‘20K in 20 hours’ strategy precisely FIVE times.

Yep – you read that right. Five times.

And those five times banked £91,000, £40,000 and £48,000, £26,000 and £18,000 respectively (the first figure being the set-up that’s run the longest, so it’s the biggest).

NOW are you getting excited?

That’s a combined turnover of £223,000 – for around 100 hours work.

That works out at £2,230 for every hour I worked on this!

And that’s just to date. The money on each of these set-ups is still coming in. That £223,000 figure is only ever going to go up – without me lifting a finger. I could swan off to the Bahamas for the rest of my life and never do another day’s work again, and this money would still keep coming in!

THAT’S WHAT’S ON OFFER HERE. And I’m dying to show you everything – step-by-step – so you can copy me and get started right now.

So the big question is…

Will you be fast enough to join me?

“20 hours, nose to tail… for the chance to make £350-£1000+ an hour (and get paid for this work again and again)! Get instant access today ”

Okay, it’s crunch time. You’ve got a big decision to make now…

You’ve got to take a deep breath and decide whether you want to TRY the ‘20K in 20 hours’ strategy’ – with no obligation to hold onto it – for 90 days, and SEE how much this makes you in that time.

You could easily have banked your first payment from this within those 90 days, and you’ll certainly have had the chance to see the potential of this and if it’s right for you – but you’ll never know unless you take the plunge and give it a go.

So think carefully…

This is your chance to discover the easiest way to make serious money from home…

All by using Google to create a very special type of document that could make you anything between £1,000-£1,500 for every hour you put in (or £350 an hour worst estimation!), then getting this fee ‘repeated’ for no extra work on your part. The potential is that you could make £15K-£20K every year from the initial set up.

That’s what this little secret has done for me, and that’s what it could do for you as well.

The only question is, do you want this money? Of course you’ll nod and laugh and say ‘Of course I want this money!’ But are you really prepared to step up and get it?

Because the truth of the matter is that most people AREN’T ready to start earning.

They’d rather talk about earning money or dream about earning money or moan about not making enough money… and that’s not the sort of person I’m after.

I want this blueprint to go to people who are actually going to TRY it! If it’s not for you – fine. Just let me know within 90 days and you won’t pay me a penny. If it doesn’t make you as much as you wanted – fine. Again, just let me know and you won’t pay a penny. If you find you can’t spare 15-20 hours over the next month or even the next two or three months – fine. Just let me know and you won’t pay a penny.

As long as you give it a go, I’m happy to show you everything, start to finish, so that you can use the biggest secret in publishing to set up a solid home income generator that keeps pulling in the money long after you’ve switched your PC off (if you put the initial work in first!).

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then let’s do it!

“Here’s what you need to do to download your ’20K in 20 hours’ blueprint today”

If you’d like to try this (and look through it in your own time for 90 whole days), then I need to hear from you TODAY.

If you put this decision off, you risk missing out.

Your application form is attached at the foot of this letter. Just fill it in and – if you’ve made the cut – I’ll inform you straight away that you’re in.

Instantly, you’ll get access to the ’20K in 20 Hours’ blueprint, containing every last step you need to get up and running, from switching your PC on to collecting the money.

You can take a look at it for a minute and decide whether it will work or not – it’s entirely up to you. But if you go that route you won’t make a bean out of this. You MUST put the 15-20 hours to start collecting the cash. You can split these hours up to suit you – and you can do this in a week (if you’re dead keen), or over a month, or six months, or a year. It doesn’t matter.

As long as you follow the blueprint and do the work, this could be that second income generator you’ve been looking for.


If you decide – for any reason – that the 20K in 20 Hours blueprint isn’t for you, you can bail out at any time within those 90 days this won’t have cost you a penny.


Good. So, that leaves one last thing to answer…

“If I want to keep this, how much does it cost?”

Follow the blueprint step by step, and I expect you to be £20K up within a year. And I’ll show you how to ‘jam’ the system and keep getting this payment year after year – for the same work!

If I was that way inclined, I could probably charge £1,000 for this blueprint no problem. Maybe with one of those usual ‘special offer’ things the price would probably come down to £500 or £600.

But in my opinion, that price would exclude the sort of people I REALLY want to see try this… people who don’t have a ton of disposable cash, but have the desire and drive to roll their sleeves up, put some effort in and make a go of things.

To make sure price isn’t an issue here, I’d Iike you to have a copy of the £20K in 20 hours blueprint for £89.

No, I haven’t missed a nought off the end. I don’t mean £890.

I mean a one-off flat fee of eighty-nine pounds.

And that fee only becomes final once you’ve tested the blueprint for 90 days and decide you want to keep it. If you decide this is not for you at any time in the 90 days and for any reason just contact us and we’ll refund you every penny of your £89.

Fair? I hope you think so. And I hope you’re excited enough to give this a go. With the £20K in 20 hours blueprint, and your PC switched on, I can show you how to use Google to make £20K in your first year from ONE set-up.

As long as you have the discipline to stick with this, this money can be yours. And if you DON’T have the discipline, you can always get a full refund within your 90 day trial!

So there’s no way you can lose. Is there? I mean think about it…

  • You pay just £89 for your copy of the blueprint…
  • You’ll get instant access…
  • You test it out and SEE if it makes money for you for a full 90 days…
  • If you’re 100% excited with it and are convinced it will make you the money I say it will, you pay £89 to make a potential £20K in your first year from one set-up…
  • If you’re NOT 100% satisfied with it, you cancel your order for a full refund!

This has banked £223,000+ in the five times I’ve used this. Imagine if you only got a QUARTER of that. Wouldn’t that sort of money be a huge step forward for you?

So why NOT try this? It could be the one thing that finally suits you down to the ground and makes you the money you really want from a part-time project you run from home.

But if you’re at all tempted by this, you must act NOW. Good luck!

Click here now to claim your 90 day trial

Yours sincerely,

Lewis Geary,
Creator, the £20K in 20 Hours blueprint

PS. This is the ONLY thing I’ve tried that DOESN’T involve a whole lot of graphs, charts or techno-babble to get to grips with. This is one of the oldest, most closely-guarded secrets in publishing that has NEVER been revealed start-to finish before. If you can spare 20 hours over the next month, six months or even year, then this could be perfect for you.

PPS. £15-£20K hitting your bank account is just an estimate… Maybe you’ll make less than that. But use this two or three times and it could EASILY be more than that down the line. So why not try this and see if it’s an idea that suits you?

Click here now to try £20K in 20 Hours

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